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comparison points

Comparison Points:

  • How is the writers emotion/ personal thoughts expressed?
  • Autobiographical/ diary?     
  • How does it engage the audience?
  • Humour?
  • Purpose?


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How the writer draws us in?

They are initially from a child's perspective on a issue that is very emotional and very challenging to the spectator.

"Perselpolis" The historical context in which satrapi was living in, "It is forbidden to travel in occupied Palestine with this document." This reflects the hostile and dangerous enviormnent in which Satrapi is living in at the time at times of her childhood: making the audience fear for her safety.It also sets out the key themes of the novel as we see supressed human rights and freedom through the word "forbidden" which has connotations of dictatorship or strict sense of control over it's people; reflecting the sense of iron fist control of the nation. This use of context helps to set the scene of Satrapi's life durring her time in Iran following the Islamic revolution and allows a deaper contextual understanding of how the characters act and behave in the passage.

"NSPCC" Even the title of the advert draws the audeince in through the use of direct speech and personal pronouns: "Hello, can you help me?" Almost as if the child is directing their comment to the adult or the reader themselves. Simiilarly, the image of a helpless, young, innocent, sad looking child on the advert directs the audience attention to the child's vulernabiity and their need of direct help- pursuading the reader, normally an adult or a parent, to donate money.

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Persepolis: The graphic nove'ls purpose is to inform the audience about what life was like under Islamic rule in the early eighties. Satrapi uses an anecdote style in her construction of the novel, using her own personal perspective of the events of the novel through her first hand actuall experiences. Through the use of facial expressions and dialogue, and information boxes: "Durring the war there were no imports from the west." As well as the distinct connotations of fear and abuse from Satrapi's encounter with the guardians of the revolution: comment on her facial expressions and the representation of the women in terms of clothing and facials as well.

The author writes that the purpose of her book is to show that Iran is not a country of fundamentalists and terrorists, and that characterizations of the country by the West are inaccurate.

NSPCC: Can you Help me?: The purpose of the NSPCC advert is to pursuade the audience, who is generally those who have children, to donate money to their company through the emotionally challegning portryal of a young innocent child who is abused by her parent. It is created in order to get the audience to feel symphany towards the child and their maternal/ peternal instinct to help them, therefore emotionally stimulating them to donate.

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Persepolis: We see a child like perspective on the world: "Bah" Turkey is for the Birds, only uncool prople go to Turkey. If you're taking a trip why not go to Europe or the United States." This reflects Satrapi's views and emotions on a western ideal that, because she likes the captilism of America and the culture, she wishes to go there- due to ideas of freedom and what she apsires or enjoys at this moment of time. She's also refencing the idea that a country is named after a bird which has different connotations to the ideas of those of the US. She plays with the idea of birds and names of the countryies reflecting her innocence and lack of knowledge of the outside world.

NSPCC: opposed to "Persepolis" there is a lack of humour within the text, which reflects how this is a serious issue and the clear subject matter at hand for the leaflet: to help the children. We see illustrations of distinct characters of the lexus of novel- the helpfull and understanding operator: the kind Policeman: the innocent and vulnerable child: the baby who is isolated and vulnerable and unable to help themselves- which shows the seriousness and the need of help.

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How does it engage the audience?

Persepolis- representation of the characters within the illustrations. The events that happened to Satrapi in her culture which would be shocking to a westernised audience. That despite Satrapi tryig to be herself and have her own image- she is abused due to the islamic culture and religon for her clothing- creating a shocking insight into her life in Iran. Seems to be mainly from the families ability to decadence to the Islamic system- where she engrains comedy and illustrations and dialogue- such as the Jacket illustrations to conceal decadence and show their love for their child.

NSPCC- The use of emotive language- "she kept leaving me and my baby brother, Tommy alone." makes the audience become emotionaly involved in the story book format as we wait to find out if the child gets help.

  • We actually see a illustration of Molly constructed from the story plot of the novel- who is holding a teddy bear- a symbolic icon of comfort which is used in place of her parents being there.
  • The anecdote story quality of the novel is much more emotionally engagging and challenging as we are become attached to Molly's story through the illustrations and her isolated and abused lexus of language.
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langauge used after death

Letters between Edward and Helene Thomas (1917) // Alistair Cooke: "The Death of Marilyn Monroe" (1962)

Comparison Points:

  • language choices reflect gender
  • how is the subject represented in the eyes of another?
  • extenct of anecdote style of writing
  • diary functions/ features
  • How does they writer draw the reader in?
  • How is it strongly emotive
  • humour?
  • audience?
  • how the deceased is described even after death.
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The Death of Marilyn Monroe and Letters between Ed

Context : Alistair Cooke's obituary for Marilyn Monroe was published in the Guardian on the 6th August 1962. The British American broadcaster and journalist was most famous for his weekly radio essay "Letter from America."

Marilyn Monroe was a fashion, actress and sex icon for all men and women in American throughout the twentieth centuary. She was very well known and played many roles in American films such as 'urban jungle' often portraying the dumb blond.

Letters between Edward and Helen Thomas (1917)

The letters were written between Edward thomas and his wife Helene, whilst he was serving in France durring World War One.

Edward was killed on the 9th April 1917: the day he wrote the letter included here. The postcript is takne from Helen's commonplace Book in the Edward Thomas Collection at Oxford University.

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language choice reflects gender

The choice of words chosen by Cooke could reflect a petrichal society in which Monroe lived in- reflecting the sense of issues and anxiety that females faced as being objects of male desire.

Cooke is very direct and abrupt with his wording in the opening stages- as well as throughout- of the item. Normally a obituary wouldn't be so insenstive about going straight into their death and how he's suggests that it was by suicide" Marilyn Monroe was found dead in bed this morning." The abruptness of Cooke's comment could reflect the shock and superise of her early and dramatic death.

He goes on further to create a synical and satirical tone to her beauty and role in society: "usual melodrama of a humble girl, cursed by physical beauty, to be dazed and doomed by the fame that was too much for her."

the idea of being cursed is normally in relation to misfoutune or neggative conatations- as if her beauty was a thing that led to her eventually demise- which was the oposite as that was that made her an idol- creating an implied prefferd reading and political purpose in his speech.

Dazed and Doomed- alliteration- sounds as if it's playfull but it is very neggative and satirical tone.

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language choice reflect gender (2)

The language choice between Edward and his wife is reflective of the experiences or suitation they are in. Edward is much more pestimistic and downtrodden due to his expereince and exhuastion steming from the front line. Whereas, Helen is much more optermisitc and hopefull even after her husband's death.

Helene: "I know that this pain will go and calm and even happiness come again, just as this snow will melt and spring will come."

metaphor of the changing weather/ seasons to the changing times of Edward's pain and suffering of his experinces at the front.

Edward: "and the trench is made passable for the wounded that will be harvested in a day or two."

the euthanism of the wounded of soldiers who has been injured following a raid or attack in new man's land- the pestemisitc view and his attempt of trying to hide the true trauma and horror of the front.

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extenct of anecdote style of writing

Helen and Edward Thomas

Entirely from their own point of views and perspective of life as it it talks about their love and their experiences across the continent but a wolrd away from each other's current suitation.

use of premodifers to create a vivid image of the front line which convey what he expeiences in his own words: " the artilerly is like a stormy tide breaking on the shores of the full moon that rides high and clear among white cirrrus clouds."

He uses personal pronouns in order to describe his personal experiences- "you should have seeen Horton and me dodging them."

Marilyn Monro

was written by someone else for her- it talks about her life but it is told from another perspective other than the subject of her own. Therefore lackig the personal touch and possibly even honest representation of her life, as she her repsentation of life and her experiences and what it means is subject to the author's political or own emotions about her.

 "She died with a row of medicine and an empty bottle of barbituarates at her elbow."

" the plot of her early life is as seedy as anything in the pulp magazine, and to go into further detail now would be treated as tasteless as prying into the cyclincal file of any other pretty women whose beauty crumbled overnight.

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How is it strongly emotionally challenging?

The Death of Marilyn Monroe

"she died with a row of medicine and and an empty bottle of baribituartes at her elbow." "

The idea that she passed away due to suicide is very upsetting as obviously Marilyn must of been really depressed and upset about her life in order to comit suicide. Similary, it's an obituary and how she is being spoken in such a undermining and cycnical viewpoint without a more honest reprsentaiton.

"To say that Marilyn Monrow was a charming, shrewd and pathetic women of tragic womn of tragic integerity will sound as preposterous to the outside as William Empson's fruedian analysis of Alice in Wonderlnand... is neverhtless true."

Letters between Edward and Helen Thomas

The entire extract is emotionally challenging as we realise that these were the last few moments before Edward's death and the last recollection of his thoughts between husband and wife.

"babba says "give Daddy 100 loves." "touched the moist green grass and lay listening and looking and hearing and touching and filling my soul with it and gather it all into myslef as I have gathered you in my arms beloved.

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