Animal Training - Animal Learning


Why do animals learn?

  • to adapt
  • to survive
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Why do we need to understand how animals learn?

  • So we can teach them
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What is learning?

  • A relatively permanent change in an animal's reaction to a stimulus or situation as a result of:
    • experience
    • teaching
    • observation
  • Behaviour: revise (not favourable, revise and try again), repeat, cease
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Optimal Learning Environments

  • Is the animal healthy?
  • Has the animal been exercised? (excess energy)
  • Has the animal had enough sleep?
  • Does the animal need to defecate?
  • Is the animal thirsty or hungry?
  • Does the animal feel safe?
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Empower to Reduce Stress

  • Enable the animal to have:
    • Control
    • Choice
    • A way for the animal to say ‘no’
    • Should be a ‘conversation’
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Empower to Reduce Stress: Trust Accounts

You need to put time and energy into ‘paying into’ your ‘trust account’ before you take anything out by training. Spend time building up trust and the animal will be more likely to want to train.

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