Religion and Animal Rights Revision


Key Terms:

Animal rights - The belief that Animals have a dignity just as humans do. Give care and protection

Animal welfare - Looking after animals and protecting them

Humane treatment - Treating animals fairly and humanly as possible, to be fair to them

Extinction - when all members of a species have died, and can never be seen again (e.g. Dodos)

Endangered - when something is in danger of becoming extinct (see above)

Natural habitat - where the animal naturally lives

Vegetarian - Somebody that view eating meat as wrong and does not eat meat

Vegan - a person who will not use any animal products

Free-range farming - farming that allows the animals to roam the farm and live a good life

Factory farming - for meat or dairy ~ kept in very crampt and horrible conditions

Stunning - Electricuting the animal so that it is unconcious

Religious slaughter - a prayer is said


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