Angle Facts

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Simple Angle Facts.

There are 360 degrees in a full turn.

There are 180 degrees in half a turn.

There are 90 degrees in a quarter of a turn. 

Another name for a quarter turn is a 'Right Angle'

three different angles (

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Types of Angle.

Any angle less than 90 degress is called an 'Acute Angle' 

image: an angle (

Any angle that is between 90 and 180 degrees is called an 'Obtuse Angle'

image: an angle (

 Any angle that is between 180 and 360 degrees is called a 'Reflex Angle'

image: an angle (

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Properties of 2D Shapes.


Triangles have three sides. There are many different types of triangles:

Equilateral triangle

  • 3 equal sides

  • 3 equal angles of 60°

    An equilateral triangle (

Isosceles triangle

  • 2 equal sides

  • 2 equal angles

An Isosceles triangle (

Scalene triangle

  • No equal sides

  • No equal angles

A Scalene triangle (

Right-angled triangle

  • One of its angles is a right angle (90°)

A Right-angled triangle (

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