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Angle facts

An angle is formed where two straight lines meet. We measure them in degrees and there are360 degreesin a full circle.

We can use the following facts to work out angles we don't know:

1.Angles around a single point add up to 3600.

2.Angles on a straight line add up to 1800. So the missing angle below must be 400.

3. Vertically opposite angles are equal. (This is when two straightlinescross!).

4.Angles in a triangle add up to 1800. (See'Polygons').

5.Angles in a quadrilateral add up to 3600. (See'Polygons').

Parallel lines

When a straight line crosses two parallel lines there are more angle factswe can look for and use!

1. Corresponding anglesare equal - these are angles in a letter 'F'.

2. Alternate angles


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