Alexander and his buddies

what the title says. i mean what else is there to say but PLS GIVE IT A GOOD RATING 

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Alexander himself.

I felt that i needed to cover him.

so he was hot-headed and still very young (he dies aged 32, which isn't much older than harry styles)

vv powerful

he goes to war for the craic

he is so adhd it's amazing 

in love w/hephaestion but married to some ladies

he had 2 kids (1 born after his death)

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General who served with philip and now with alex. alex rlly trusts the guy, but doesn't always listen to him. eg this conversation happens:

It's 2 pm and Alex still isn't awake. And they're in a battlefield.

Parmenio: Hey Mr Alexander, we're at war. D'you think it'd be wise to... wake up?
Alex: nAH it's OK bro take a CHILL PILL m8

Parmenio: (sighing) whatever you say.

this apparently illustrates alex and both wise and thick.

alex rlly trusted the guy... till parmenio's son, pilotas tried to kill alex and alex had philotas executed and parmenio too. that kind of ended their friendship.

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Cleitus 'the black'

So he was known as cleitus the black but he wasn't actually black, idk why he was called that

his daughter was philip's nurse. he was militarily important. 

except then alex killed him in a drunken rage. 

this is exactly what happened: 

it is really really late and everybody's really really drunk.

some ppl sing 'irreverent songs' about macedonian generals:

cleitus: stop singing irreverent songs about macedonian generals.

Alex: no, keep singing irreverent songs about macedonian generals.

cleitus: you smell like poop. HAHAA

alex: stabs him in a drunken rage

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So Callisthenes was an opinionated idiot. he wrote stories about alexander but they seem to plutarch more like fanfic than the truth, and glorified callisthenes.

callisthenes was critical about alexander's persian customs and so he fell out of alexander's favour. 

AND/ OR callisthenes joined in a plot to kill alex but he was caught and tortured and imprisioned.

or both of these accounts are made up and 'inspired' by arrian and plutarch's own times and governments.

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Hephaestion and alex were either the best friends i've ever seen or in love. they were like achilles & patroclus.

they knew each other all their lives and you know they were 'good friends' because alex didn't kill him.

hephaestion was helpful @ gaugmela until of course he got wounded.

when he died alex went into extreme mourning for 3 days. like achilles did.

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antipater was an old buddy of philip and was in the military.

when alex was away he took care of greece.

when alex died he got greece.

but alex didn't really trust him at all. just ask plutarch.

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