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partial test ban treaty

Year :1963 

USA and USSR agreed to stop testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere .

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Nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Year : 1968

Designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons 

countries signing agreed not to develope nuclear weapons 

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year : 1972 

strategic bombers and their bombs not limited 

each side was allowed to use satellites to check if the other is doing whats right 

Anti-ballastic missile treaty -only allowed at two sites and each site containing 100 missiles only 

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Salt 2

year : 1972 finalized in 1979

a limit of 2400 strategic nuclear delievery vechiles for each side

limits on deployment of new types of strategic offensive arms

Salt 2 would last until 1985  

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year :1975 

security: recognition of Europes frontiers and ussr accept wets germany existence 

co-opertaion: call for closer economic ,scientific and cultural links -these would lead to even closer political agreement 

human rights: each side agreed to respect human rights and basic freedoms such as speech ,religon and unfair arrest.

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Reagans defense initiative

year : 1981-87 

100MX missiles 

development of a neutron bomb

construction of 6 trident nuclear sub marines 

strengthening of millitary communication systems 

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Geneva talks

year: 1985

speed up arms talks 

work towards the abolition of chemical weapons 

be more active on issues of human rights 

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Reykjavik talks

year : 1986 

agreed to sweeping reduction of nuclear arsenals BUT  everything was ruined because the USA wouldnt restrict the SDI program 

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year : 1987

Elminated nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges of 500 to 5500 kilometers.

By the treaties deadline a total of 2692 of such weapons have been destroyed 

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year :1990

reduce the number of tanks missiles aircraft and other non nuclear forms of hardware held by the millitary.

gorbachevs promise to leave afghanistan

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year 1990-91

a limit of 4900 on ballistic missiles 

6000 warheads 

1600strategic nuclear delievery vehicles

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