The conferences

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  • Conferences
    • Tehran
      • 1943
      • Agreement: The soviet union could have a buffer zone
      • Disgreement:- Stalin wanted to punish and severely weaken Germany with reparations whereas, Churchill and Roosevelt want to rebuild their economy
    • Yalta
      • July - Aug 1945
      • Agreements: The Nazi party was to be banned and Germany were to pay reparations to USSR
      • Disagreements: It was unclear how much reparations Germany were to pay and Stalin wanted a buffer sonze
    • Potsdam
      • Feb 1945
      • Agreements: -Germany and Berlin to be split into 4 zones. E.Europe would be allowed free elections and USSR would join war against Japan
      • Disagreements:                both sides   had different views on what democracy was and Staling did not keep his promise to hold free elections


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