The two 'armed camps' in Europe

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  • The two 'armed camps' in Europe
    • The Triple Entente
      • Between Britain, France and Russia
        • France and Russia had already singed the Franco-Russian alliance in 1894
      • Formed in 1907
      • In 1904 a friendly agreement was made between France and Britain (Entente Cordial).
        • A similar agreement known as the Anglo-Russian Agreement was made in 1907
    • The Triple Alliance
      • Between Germany, Italy and Austria
      • Signed by 1882
      • In 1879 Germany and Austria signed the Dual Alliance, which Italy later joined.
    • Allies promised to protect each other if war broke out, but in fact made war more likely
    • Details of alliances were kept secret, making other countries think they were planning attacks


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