Ageing Population

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Ageing Population

  • Men in social class 1 live about 4 years longer
  • White British and White Irish have highest proportions of people aged 65 and over
  • Companies target this age group for their workforce
  • Council and housing association houses
  • Purpose built bungalows
  • Sheltered accomidation with wardens or managers
  • Nursing homes-both local authorities and private developers provide housing
  • Close links with medical provision are also a factor-some of the most financially successful nursing homes are located on main roads to facilitate ambulmances
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Youthful Population

  • Large proportion of children and high fertility
  • High mortality and a reduction in numbers in each year group
  • Small proportion of elderly people
  • Mortality rates fall in large less developed countires e.g. India and China
  • Huge numbers of over 60's will cause major problems
  • Working population is reduced by migration to more developed countries
  • There may be few relatives to act as carers (due to migration and death through AIDS)
  • Costs of care for the elderly will rise
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