World Population


World Population

  • Total population globally is 7.1 billion
  • China has the greatest population with 1295 million people ! Second is India
  • Smallest is Holy Sea
  • Population growth is more rapid in LEDC's
  • Population growth in MEDC's is slowly declining 
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Population Distribution

  • In 2003 Europe and North America made up 17% of global population. In 2050 this is expected to be 12%
  • Fertility in LEDCs will decrease and in MEDCs it will increase
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Ageing Populations

  • European countries, Canada, USA & Japan are ageing like never before.
  • By 2050 10% rise in over 60s will occur in these countries and there will be a drop in economically active.
  • Only 12% of the UK population is 10years or under, in 1821 it was 27%.
  • By 2020 over half the UK population will be 50.
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Youthful Populations

  • In Africa, Latin America, Middle East & South East Asia 90% of the worlds under 15s live here and they have the highest birth rates.
  • In 2050 these countries will not be able to provide employment or further education for all who seek it.
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