Adaptation & Mitigation

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This about trying to cope and live with the effects that climate change has had.

some of the methods used to cope with adaptation include:

  • industrial diversification 
  • changing the agricultural sector more 
  • using more costal and river defences 
  • making more technological developments that require a lot less fuel to be powered eg using more green technologies
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This approach is aiming to stop or minimise the effects that climate change is having on the world 

Global methods of mitigation include the Kyoto Protocol - this protocol is trying to get countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and minimise the effects of climate change so that the tipping point isn't reached 

There have also been national methods of mitigation used including using renewable sources of energy (eg wind power and solar power), planting more trees to offset the emissions (afforestation) and using the carbon credit scheme.

Local methods have also been used to help with the mitigation scheme. Some of these methods include doing more recycling and becoming more energy efficent, to do this more local solar farms and wind farms may be built to provide areas with energy sources. 

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