Acids and Alkalis

Acids and Alkalis

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Acids and Alkalis

Acids are:
1. Sour taste
2. Turns litmus paper from blue to red
3. Acids + Metal = Hygrogen gas + Salt
4. Acids + Carbonates = Carbon Dioxide Gas + Salt + Water 
5. Corrosive
6. Acid + Alkali = Salt + Water  (Neutralisation) 

Alkalis are:
1. Bitter and slippery
2. Turns litmus paper from red to blue
3. Corrosive
4. Acid + Alkali = Salt + Water  (Neutralisation)
5. Alkali + Ammonia Salts = Ammonia Gas + Water

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Acid and Alkali

*Test out for Hydrogen Gas:
Insert is lighted splint into the test tube and the fire will extinguish with a 'pop' sound. 

*Test out for Carbon Dioxide Gas:
Connect the test-tube and a flask containing lime water together, white precipitate will be observed.

*Test out for Ammonia Gas:
Turns moist red litmus paper blue 

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