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Acids normally taste sour and alkalis normally feel soapy. Lemons, vinegar and vomit (eww i hate vomit) are all acidic.

Although we eat some acids and alkalis in food some are dangerous. Some can be flammable so ya should ideally keep the away from fire unless ya wanna burn XD. Others may be toxic, harmful, irritating, oxidising and EXPLOSIVE and of cource some are fine. Some are even corrosive so if ya drop that on your skin ur skin will be destroyed where it was dropped and if ya drop it on ya eye then...well what d'ya think will happen? Anyway. If they are dangerous then the bottle with the acid/alkali in will have warning signs but i cant show dem signs because ya cant put pics on here -_-. If you are using a dangerous acid or alkali its best to either wear eye protection, wear a lab coat and wear gloves. If the solution is really dangerous then you probaly wouldnt have it.

Acids and bases

If you react a base an acid together you can make a salt. To do this you need a metal element and hydrochloric or sulfuric or nitric acid. If you use copper oxide for example and tried out all those different types of acid seperatly this is what the formula would look like.

copper oxide + nitric acid ---> copper nitrate + water

copper oxide + hydrochloric acid ---> copper chloride + water

copper oxide + sulfuric acid ---> copper sulfate + water

Each time in these formulas it shows i have made a salt and water.


Salts are compounds which are formed when a acid reacts with a metal. In the reaction hydrogen atoms in the acid gets replaced by atoms from the metal element. Some salts are also found naturally like sodium chloride which makes the sea salty.

Indicators and pH

To find out if a solution




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