A view from the bridge

Explanation of strong feelings

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  • America was seen as a golden land
  • immigrants considered it as the land of many opportunities
  • thought new doors would open for them and settling would provide a better life 
  • Either people had to work very hard to survive or their lifestyles became difficult. 
  • Many Italians migrated to America mainly from the Sicilian region
  • Sicily was a poor area,people were close to starvation state.
  • In order for Americans to increase wealth and power they had to do certain jobs.
  • In turn the Italians did jobs and were often cheated and exploited. 
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  •  epic tale of love, jealousy and hate 
  •  Eddie Carbone is a hardworking longshoreman; he lives in America and lives a decent life with his wife Beatrice, and also Catherine who is Beatrice niece.
  • Catherine is young, flirtatious girl who is not aware of her sexuality and sometimes appears in her slip which increases the attraction of Eddie towards her. 
  • She grows more and more appealing to Eddie’s eyes Eddie is secretly obsessed with Catherine and silently loves her. 
  • Due to this obsession Eddie becomes very overprotective and is cautious about Catherine. 
  • Eddie is a hardworking, good man with moral. 
  • He is a positive character and wants the best for Catherine. 
  • Eddie is very overprotective and his innermost desires for Catherine forces him to disallow Catherine too flirtatiously talk to any man. 
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  • Eddie becomes so envious of Roldolpho that he begins to act and say impetuous things. Eddie also tries to imply and persuade Catherine that he wants to marry her for a permanent stay in America “Kate he is only bowing to his passport”. So far it the transition in Eddie’s character highlights the corruption within morals. 
  • Eddie is greatly frustrated at this point and has had complete character transformations. Jealously has overtaken his actions and his inner most desires for Catherine has driven him to perform exaggerated actions and act completely of character. “I don’t understand you she seventeen years old”. 
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