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Symbolism in
`A View from a
Bridge'…read more

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power when Eddie
sits in it
·The rocking
movement shows
instability or
changing moods…read more

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· Alfieri's view on
events in the play but
from the other side
of the bridge
·The link between
rich and poor, Italian
Americans and white
Americans…read more

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Green Sea:
· Eddie's jealousy of
Rudolpho being with
·Beatrice's jealousy
of the relationship
between Rudolpho
and Catherine and
their naive
happiness…read more

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· Looking out to
freedom -
Catherine waves to
· Only shows part
of the view
outside. Catherine
is sheltered and so
the window
represents her
naive view on life
outside the
window.…read more

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· Taking chances…read more

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Preview of page 7

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Preview of page 8

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Preview of page 9

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Paul Dutton


A good visual guide to the use of symbolism throughout the play.  Good for visual learners.

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