American dream:a view from the bridge 

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  • American dream:a view from the bridge
    • Catherine
      • American dream is to be independent and work as a stenographer or assistant, have family, be a good wife
    • Roldolfo
      • Wants to be an American citizen
      • No responsibilities like Marco
      • Spends his money on whatever he wants
    • Eddie
      • His American dream is to be the 'man of the house', feel as if he's supporting his family and has the respect of everyone
    • Marco
      • Came to America so he could support his family back in Italy
      • His dream is to earn enough money so he could return back to Italy to help his family
    • Beatrice
      • She hasn't fulllfilled he American dream by having children of her own, you can tell she wanted to
    • Alfieri
      • “I was born in Italy… I came here only when I was twenty-five.”
      • He's part of the small majority who have achieved the American Dream
        • Got a family, stable job, been in America for a long time now


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