A View From The Bridge

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"(She turns and grabs Eddie's face in her hands.) Mmm! You're an angel! God'll bless you" Beatrice is a warm hearted person. She shows gratitude whenever anyone helps her or her family.

"I know, honey. But if you act like a baby and he be treatin' you like a baby. Like when he comes home sometimes you throw yourself at hime like when you was twelve years old" Beatrice is keenly aware of the dangers involved in the relationship between Catherine and Eddie and tries to warn Catherine gently. We see her sensitivty and also her instinct for problems that lurk beneath the surface.

"No, she wants to ask you. Come on, Katie, ask him. We'll have a party!" Beatrice acts as the mediator.

"He (Eddie) dies in her ams, and Beatrice covers him with her body" Despite all that Eddie has done to destory their lives Beatrice as always shows her unconditional love for him.

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"I don't understand you; she's seventeen years old, you gonna keep her in the house all her life?" He is too protective and too possessive of Catherine and he should see he is able to grow up and be independant.

"I take the blankets off my bed for him, and he takes and puts his filthy hands on her like a goddam theif!" Eddie's reaction to Rodolpho demonstrates how emotionally unstable and irrational he is, he cannot see the young man's qualities. Instead blinded by fear that Rodolpho will take Catherine from him.

"He was good to me, Rodolfo. You don't know him; he was always the sweetest guy to me" Catherine sees the positive side of Eddie as he is capable of warmth and generosity and she appreciates him. But she speeks in past tense as if he is no longer the same.

"Give me the number of the Immigration Bureau. I want to report something. Illegral immigrants" Self-interest is one of Eddie's motivating factors and flaws, he is aware of what betraying his family will do yet he is prepared to break the code of honour.

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"Eddie lunges with the knife. Marco grabs his arm, turning the blade inward and pressing it home" Eddie may have killed himself as he knows what he has done, the audience will never know for sure.

"I'm afraid of Eddie here" Catherine senses danger in Eddie

"Eddie pins his arms laughing, and suddenly kisses him" The audience realise truly how emotionally unstable Eddie has become.

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"She's crazy to start work. It's not a little shop, it's a big company. Some day she could be a secretary. They picked her out of the whole class"  Catherine is desperate to become independant. She is obviously well thought of at her college. However, we can see that Eddie has control over her.

"Catherine (flushed with revolt): You wanna dance, Rodolfo? (Eddie freezes)" Now that Rodolfo has arrived Catherine has the strength to show her independence despite Eddie's discomfort.

"Catheri (clearing for Beatrice): What're you scared of? He's a rat! He belongs in the sewer" Eddie has betrayed Marco, Rodolfo and Catherine's love and respect for him have turned to hate and loathing. She feels sufficiently strong to tell him this to his face.

"Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you" Catherine feels guilty for all that has happened as she has no idea it could end so tragically.

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(he is square-built peasnt of thirty-two, suspicious, tender, and quiet voiced) Physically, Marco is very strong. He is wary of those around him and does not trust people unless he knows them. He loves his brother and his family back home.

(marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw) Marco's sense of fair play forces him to act in defence of his brother. Without actually threatening Eddie he makes it clear that Eddie will be in trouble if he hurts Rodolfo.

(Marco spits in Eddie's face) Marco's outrage is so great that he loses all control. Spitting in Eddie's face shows his utter contempt for him.

"The law? All the law is not in a book" Marco believes it is his duty to right the wrong without recourse to the law. He believes that the law has nothing to do with his need for justice.

"Animal! You go on your knees to me!"

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"No, Marco, please! Eddie, please, he has children! You will kill a family" Sympathetic and forgiving no matter what has happened.

"Do you trust me, Catherine?" He is alike his brother Marco and questions things.

"Oh, I sing Napolidian, jazz, bell canto- I sing Paper Doll" Many talents.

Catherine:"Teach me (she is weeping) I don't know anything, teach me, Rodolfo, hold me". He is capable of inspiring trust and love. He is an open, warm hearted character.

"I would like to go to Broadway once, Eddie. I would like to walk with her once where theatres are and opera" Wonder and adventure, wants new experiences.

"It's my fault, Eddie, Everything. I wish to apologise. It was wrong that I did not ask your permission". Rodolfo is a peacemaker and willingly is prepared to accept responsibility and apologise even when the fault is not his"

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"You see how uneasily they nod to me" Aware of status and affect on people.

"We settle for half and I like it better" Sometimes the search for absolute justice results in unacceptable consequences.

"I was born in Italy" Italian extract so can empathise with other characters.

"Being an intelligent man, I was so powerless to stop it" Performs the roll of the Greek Chorus commenting on events but unable to change them.

"You won't have a friend in the world, Eddie! Even those who understand you will turn against you..." Alfieri is aware of Eddie's actions as he has seen it before so tries to stop him.

"This is not God, Marco. You hear? Only God makes justice" Tells Marco what he told Eddie, sometimes the law does not deliver justice.

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A good set of revision cards which focus on quotes from the main characters. Useful for some quick revision.  

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