CARBON Energy Consumption

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  • Energy consumption
    • How energy consumption is measured
      • In per capita terms - as in KG of oil or megawatt hours per person. This measure rises with economic development.
        • Factors affecting per capita energy consumption:
          • Physical availability, cost, standard of living, environmental priorities, climate, public perceptions, economic development, technology.
      • Energy intensity - assessed by calculating the units of energy used per unit of GDP. energy intensity values decrease with increased economic development.
    • Public perceptions
      • some consumers believe energy is a human right, so ignore the environmental costs. others prioritise the environment and minimise wastage of energy.
    • Climate
      • HIGH levels of consumption in Australia (drought) North America (heat and extreme cold) and Middle East (extreme heat) due to extreme weather to make living more comfortable.
    • environmental priorities
      • Governments- some may have aims to keep cheap-running energy sources, ignoring environmental costs.
      • others will aim to meet environmental aims and targets (Paris agreement),
      • and some may increase reliance on renewable and recyclable resources to save energy and raise efficiency.
    • USA v FRANCE
      • USA has a population of 318.9 million, with an energy CONSUMPTION of 2224 mtoe. they use 82% NON-RENEWABLE (FF's), but only IMPORTS 15%, making it a SELF-SUFFICIENT country. high in OIL
        • IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) - turning coal and carbon-based fuels into pressurised gas (SynGas) - Future projections show USA may use this, along with natural gases
      • FRANCE has a population of 64.6 million, a CONSUMPTION of 243 mtoe, and consumes 50% NON-RENEWABLE.It imports 47% making it LESS self-sufficient. high in NUCLEAR.


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