21st Century Science- C3

These are revision cards for C3- Food Matters

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There are different types of food groups: fats/lipids, carbohydrates (carbon, oxygen and hydrogen), proteins (a polymer of amino acids, like nitrogen), Fibre (cellulose- chain of glucose, and you cant break it down), minerals, vitamins, and water.

a balanced diet- on average you need:

55% carbohydrates, 25% protein, 15% fats. 

What is everything used for? Proteins- to create more cells and renew old cells. also, to help produce enzymes. Carbohydrates- provide energy, which is good for growth, movement and warmth. Fibre- cant be digested, but keeps the gut healthy. Proteins and Minerals- growth and repair of the body.

'Starch is an example of carbohydrate. Other carbs are sugar and glucose. starch is a polymer made by joining up glucose molecules in a long chain. The elements in carbohydrates are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen'

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