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Nanotechnology science homework
Miss Thoburn
By Olle Hawes 10L

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Your guide to nanotechnology

What is nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology is technology but on a molecular scale, for instance if you had a computer that incorporated nanotechnology it would be a billion times faster
and one million times smaller.

What are its uses?

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o Nano transistors
o Nano diodes
o OLED (organic light emitting diodes)
o Plasma tv screens
o Quantum computers
o Batteries
o Fuel cells
o Solar cells
o Nanotubes
o Aerogel
o Nano particles
Life science:
o Targated drug delivery
o Artificial retina
o Tissue regeneration

What are…

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Universal immunity (i.e. aids, flu)
Body sculpting (i.e. change your appearance)

What are the disadvantages?
Loss of jobs (in manufacturing, farming etc)
Carbon nanotubes could cause infection of the lungs
Oil and diamionds could become worthless
Atomic weapons more accesable and more destructive

The furure of nanotechnology
Electronic paper


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