21st century science biology/physics case study

Here is an exemplar case study for you to look at. It looks at the question: 'Is more sunlight exposure the solution to rising amounts of vitamin D deficient related diseases and cancers?'

The good bits in the case study are highlighted, and it can give you an idea of how to present your case study.

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Exemplar Case Study

This is an example of an excellent case study. In the real case study we would expect the
actual newspaper / magazine cuttings to be included in the final report. However, due to
copyright permissions they have not been included in this exemplar material.

Case studies do…

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Is More Sunlight Exposure the
Solution to Rising Amounts
of Vitamin D Deficient Related
Diseases and Cancers?

0324sunlightexposure 2

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Is Sunlight Exposure the solution to rising amounts of Vitamin D
deficient related diseases and cancers?

Contents Page No
Introduction 2

All about Sunlight and Vitamin D production 3

What is Vitamin D and what disease can Vitamin D protect against? 4

How can sunlight reduce the Risk of Cancer…

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For years scientists have been encouraging us to cover up when we go out in the sun and to
protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Because of this advice many people are Vitamin D
deficient and Prof Michael Holick is claiming that because of this there is growing…

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All about Sunlight and Vitamin D production

The Sun is a very hot object therefore it radiates lots of energy in all parts of the
electromagnetic spectrum. Ultra violet radiation from the Sun causes Vitamin D production in
the body.

There are three types of ultraviolet radiation. There are UVA,…

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Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D and how is it produced?

Vitamin D is known as the Sunshine vitamin because your body makes it from sunlight, UVB
rays in particular.

When UVB rays penetrate the skin it causes molecules in the skin cells to react and their
bond change ultimately…

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who believes that we aren't. The main source of Vitamin D is from sunlight although it can
also be found in fish, eggs, cereal and milk.

According to Dr John Toy, "Spending a few minutes in the Sun each day in your daily routine,
provides enough sunlight to produce the…

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How can sunlight reduce the Risk of Cancer and diseases?


Sunlight is thought to reduce the risk of cancer. This is because of vitamin D. Scientists
believe that it may play a role in controlling the production of cells. Vitamin D may have a
protective effect against certain cancers…

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What is the evidence and opinions about whether Vitamin D
actually prevents disease?

Many doctors and scientist are still arguing about whether a correlation can be found between
rises in disease and Vitamin D deficiency. The evidence that sun exposure causes skin
cancer is very extensive. On the other hand,…

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"Sunny Side up" an article taken from the Times Body and Soul page showed the general
opinion about the data on sun exposure and Prof Holick's views.

"Candidate to include an actual copy of the article from the

A letter was also published in the 22 November 2003 British…


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