1B Theories and Theorists

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  • Hall- (Reception Theory) Encoding and Decoding. Costume shows she has done something bad (bag and black clothing BUT white top purity)
  • Adorno- the power of the media was 'enormous and very damaging' P&A. Empathy rejected by society Bad TV effect (active)... HOWEVER (passive) believe she won't/can't change.
  • Marx- Hypodermic Needle (Frankfurt School) P&A
  • Blumner + Katz- Uses and gratifications: Diversion, Personal Relationships, Personal Identity and Surveilliance. Hard for audience to relate as she is not wearing typical clothes for a teenage girl. CCTV surveillance 
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Media Language

Media Language:

Each media product has it owns langauge Goodwin 'Close ups and Rapid Cuts'

  • Fiske- Denotation/Connotation. Slowed down frames of Tamisha showing that she is alone/sad/being rejected. Jewlery scene 360 turn showing her going back to her old ways.
  • Barthes- Semiotics. Signifier/Signifier. Bad TV effect shows she's been bad and rejected by society. Young offenders shows she's done something wrong. Duffle bag shows her to be threatening. Goe
  • Hall- Encoding/Decoding. Grafitti background shows he has bad past and wants to get away from it. Gutiar well kept not like himself, shows he cares more for music. (he's a role model)
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  • Todorov- 5 stage. Leaves prison happy, equilibrium disrputed as she realises she has nowhere to go, tries to go home locks have been changed, resolves issue by throwing keys away and continues her journey. Challenges Todorov's ending leaves an enigma.Allows for simple structure but an entertaining video and audience are able to make their own decisions. 
  • Strauss- Binary Opposities. Busy streets/Empty Frames. Segregated herself or rejection from society. Some people feel sorry for her others glad she is being punished. Fast/Slow. Slowed down to get the audience to evoke sympoathy, journey is a long process. Time lapse used to show that the world is still carrying on showing no regard.
  • Barthes- Semiotics construted via a 'galaxy of signifiers'. Micro elements= props, locations and costume help emphasise points. Prison (micro) journey (macro) made obvious with BAD TV EFFECT. Shows she is still being watched and as she is alone she has either embarassed of society has rejected her. Narrative stimultaing but easy to follow.
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Codes&conventions used to make typical genre.

Pop: Bright colours, dancing and cars in the video.

  • Altman- Semantic(signs/objects) Syntactic(themes) signs, prison, duffle bag theme journeys/bad past/ redemption?
  • Neale- Repition and Difference artist plays own music difference, young male, good lucking, fashionable clothes reptition.
  • Buckingham- 'Constant state of negotiation and change'
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  • Marx- 'top down false conciousness' 'from above' We believe that Tamisha has done bad but is trying to change her ways as frames are slowed down to evoke sympathy for her as he previously has done bad but wants to better her life.
  • Mulvey- Voyueristically and fetishtically. Looking at her through CCTV as she has done bad. 
  • Gauntlett- Gender roles more complex. Woman shown to be strong as she is trying to better her life by going on a jounrney. Man is weak as he is busking therefore has no job?
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