1928: Hoover VS Al Smith

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Coolidge 1923-1928

Known as 'Silent cal'

1st President to be signed in by his das!

  • Gained  photo opportunities for publicity by posing in an Indian headdress, Golf in White house & Horse in the White House
  • Put town Boston police strike 1919
  • Believer of laissez-faire
  • Believed McNarry Haughten Bill would lead to acute severe over-production
  • Americans felt save in his hands
  • Brought biggest economic boom
  • In safe hands during changes
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Hoover- Republican

"Twenty million people are starving. Whatever their politics, they shall be fed"

  • Head of food production board WW1
  • Head of Commission for relief in belgium

1915- fed 7 million Belgium & French

  • Secretary of Commerce promoted radio, TV and aviation
  • A humanitarian (helped starving people)


  • Economic Boom
  • Al Smith a 'Drunkard''
  • Pope would move to Al Smith
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Al Smith- Democrat

  • Ran for 1924 Election but KKK stopped him as he was an Irish Catholic
  • Anti- Prohibition (rumoured alcoholic)
  • Govenor of New York (brash)
  • (Tammany Hall) Head of Democrats CORRUPT


  • Al Smith under control of the Pople 9move Pope to CD)
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1928 Landslide

Herbert Hoover--- 58.2% (40 states)

AlSmith--- 40.8% (8 states)

  • About: Good Economy & Prohibition 

Landslide Victory

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