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Writing To Comment by Ahmad Moniri
A big challenge for me is staring you in the face now ­ my English exam. English has never
come naturally to me, I am far happier with a calculator in my hand, rather than the latest
best selling novel. English is a real challenge because there is no right or wrong answer it's
always your interpretation. I don't think like that. I am far more comfortable with knowing
that there is a definite length to a triangle or knowing the angle of a shape. It is also a
challenge because this subject is very difficult to revise. There are numerous texts, of
different genres, covering different time frames. You have to think about the social, cultural
and historical aspects of the books you are studying as well as the intentions of the author.
What's more, you also need to ensure that you comment on the language and the effects on
the reader! How difficult is that? (although I reckon I'm doing a pretty good job at the
moment I hope you agree!) However, despite all of these difficulties, everyone knows how
important English is. There is a phenomenal amount of pressure heaped on teenagers these
days to leave school with good qualifications in order to compete in a world of uncertainty,
economic decline and change. The pressure is enormous, but we have no choice but to rise
to the challenge.
Another academic challenge faced by all youngsters is the transition between primary and
secondary school. Everything just seems to be bigger, from the pupils to even the slices of
pizza. I was personally always afraid that some high school bully would steal all my lunch
money or that I would get lost and never be found but in reality that was never going to
happen. During the first week of secondary school, we were amazed by the shear size of the
school, the amount of homework we had and the moving around from one class to the
other. After a while, however, this fear evaporated as we became more confident `men'.
Now in year eleven, the school seems small in comparison with the wide world ahead.
Looking forward to the world of work, another challenge I had faced was work experience.
New people. New discipline. New environment. Every break I would pop my head out of
the chemist window hoping to see a high school friend but there was noone. Why did I
listen to my parents? I wanted to go and work in the chippy but `apparently' that's not good
enough for me! I believe that the greatest challenge is not to be the best but to be who you
want to be, regardless of outside pressures.


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