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By Ellen Brown
Film studies revision
British film: Notting hill
Located in the heart of London, Notting Hill presents many key scenes including
iconography of London: Red buses, phone boxes in his street and references to
Portobello Road and Notting Hill Gate tube station.
Presents the middle/upper class Anna Scott's hotel is very luxurious
The contradiction between America and Britain. Anna is shown as the famous actress,
living an exciting and fun life whilst Will spends his days in a book shop which is
constantly quiet and often empty. Anna and her original partner, Jeff King, are both
boisterous characters who aren't afraid to be rude and say what they think. Whereas,
Will is polite and considerate, shown in the scene where the pair is having lunch and
Anna insults the table of men, opposing Will's calm approach. Jeff is also styled
differently to Will, appearing unshaven and rugged in a tshirt whereas Will is clean
shaven with styled hair and is dressed in a suit.
Character development of the babbling fool and humiliation in love. After spilling orange
juice on her top, Will attempts to clean it off, humiliating himself. He appears clumsy and
forgetful. The language shown creates a representation of Britain including : `Bugger'
and `Bollocks'
British film: Four Weddings and a Funeral
During the beginning montage 2.12 there are themes showing the upper class using the
setting including glass chandeliers, posh outfits and a butler or maid.
The cars used in the film are exceedingly British Red Mini and a Land rover
(representing the countryside)
The friends drive past a field of cows, signifying that Britain is mainly made up of
There is the reoccurring theme of love and humiliation involving Hugh Grant. He forgets
the rings at the wedding and has to build up the courage to speak to Carrie, the
unobtainable American woman. In both first meetings there is an interruption. For
example, in FWAAF the pair meets and a man constantly interrupts them. In Notting
Hill the presence of the spilt orange acts as a barrier, causing a bad first impression.
Episodic nature using the friends as a link between this. All sat together eating in both
films or laughing and joking around (singing in the land rover)
There are more settings that relate to Britain and its history such as the churches.
Carrie is often wearing white, highlighting her as angelic and innocent and seems even
more unobtainable.
Messages and values of Britain
Appreciation of friendship
Love and hope including a fairytale ending in all relationships not just the main cast
Stereotypical Britain Middle/upper class, Iconography of Britain, Countryside
People are: sarcastic, humorous, snobby and apprehensive
Unobtainable American woman vs. babbling British fool
Humiliation of love.

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