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Working Memory Model…read more

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Central Episodic
Buffer (2000)
Phonological Loop
Control System
Inner scribe
(articulatory loop)
Visual cache
Store…read more

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The Phonological Store is a brief store of
information (acoustic) ­ 1.5 to 2 sec.
The Articulatory Control Process is an
acoustic rehearsal of information to maintain
it in the phonological store ­ `inner voice'
This process is suggested by the results of the
`Word Length Effect' investigation ­ Baddeley
et al, 1975:
capacity determined by pronunciation time,
not number of items
Ellis and Hennelly(1986) cross-cultural study…read more

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The visuo-spatial sketchpad is a
description of visual STM ­ `inner eye'
The sketchpad processes information as
if the person were looking at a real
The process is suggested by the results
of Shepherd's shape experiments
and the Kosslyn and Schwartz (boat)
investigation TASK (next slide)…read more

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Kosslyn and Schwartz…read more

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Involved in higher mental processes
(problem solving, decision making)
Allocates resources to separate sub-
systems (slave units)
Modality free ­ free of any particular
sensory source
Has a limited capacity…read more

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