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  • Multi-Store Memory
    • Sensory Store
      • Receives all information from the senses. Lost through decay.Only transferred to STM when attention is payed.
    • Short Term Memory
      • Encoded acoustically. Capacity 7+-2 items. Duration 15-20 seconds. Lost through decay or displacement. Transferred to LTM through rehearsal.
    • Long Term Memory
      • Encoded semantically (through meaning). Capacity is unlimited. Duration is potentially life long.
    • Psychology Unit 1 - Memory
      • The Working Memory Model
        • Central Executive
          • Has Limited capacity but can process any information. Is function is too delegate tasks but takes over the most demanding tasks when necessary.
        • Phonological Loop
          • Deals with auditory information. Rehearses to prevent decay.
            • Phonological Store
              • Inner ear- deals with all sounds, particularly speech.
            • Articulatory  Loop
              • Inner voice - rehearses information silently by repeating it
        • The Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad
          • The inner eye - temporarily stores visual and spacial information
    • Evulation
      • The Reductionist - more than one STM store Different senses, separate memories. Brain damage patient supports the fact they're different stores.


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