Woods and plactics - revision

This Powerpoint goes over the different types of wood - hardwood and softwood - plus examples from each type and their uses. Also, the same goes for the types of plastic. Hope you find this useful!

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Product Design
Revision…read more

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Woods - hardwood
What are hardwoods?
They are sometimes called broad-leaf trees.
They lose their leaves in Winter.
Hardwoods tend to be harder than softwoods.
They have a wider variety of colour and texture than softwoods.
Hardwoods tend to be more expensive than softwoods.
They take longer to mature than softwoods.…read more

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Woods - oak
It is a light tan colour and has a straight grain.
Hard to work with hand tools.
Tools should be kept sharp.
Produces a high quality finish with wax, furniture oil and varnish.
Uses include:
Quality furniture
Cabinet making
Boat Building…read more

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Woods - ash
It is cream to pale tan coloured.
Tough, flexible and straight grained.
Very good steam bending qualities.
Can be shaped and formed well with hand tools.
A smooth finish can be obtained and it stains well.
Uses include:
Cabinet making
Handles of tools
Ash veneered plywood is popular…read more

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Woods - mahogany
Medium to dark brown in colour.
Relatively easy to work with hand tools and machinery.
Produces a good quality finish with glass paper.
Takes varnish well.
Uses include:
Boat building
Widely used as a veneer.…read more

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Woods - beech
Pale white to pink brown in colour.
Very good for steam bending.
It can be worked reasonably well with hand tools and machinery.
Uses include:
Quality furniture
Manufacturing chairs
Wood turning
Often used as a facing for plywood.…read more

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