WJEC PSY1 compare and contrast approaches summary table

I teach psychology and this is a table I have prepared for my students that covers the compare and contrast between the psychological approaches. Includes reductionist, nomological/ideographic, determinism/free will and methods which should be covered to achieve an A. Please see my other resources for detailed notes on each approach individually

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Behaviourist Approach Psychodynamic Approach Cognitive Approach Biological Approach
Assumptions Relationship between stimulus and Behaviour is determined by Behaviour result of internal information Behaviour caused by activity in the
response ­ principles of classical and unconscious forces. Each manifest processing (schemas) . Make nervous system of the body throug
operant conditioning…

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Methods used Laboratory studies with experimental Case-study method ­ techniques such Case studies with brain damaged Genetic studies - use of twin and fa
methods. Animals used as assume as free association and dream analysis. patients ­ draw comparisons with history. Scientific methods - brain
learn in same way as…


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