Why the USA didn't join the league of nations

5 reasons the USA didn't join the league of nations in 1920

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Why didn't the USA join the League of Nations?
After the First World War the treaty of Versailles was agreed to and signed by all the
allies imposing sanctions on Germany to prevent them starting a future war. The US
president at the time Woodrow Wilson wanted to put in it to establish a league of nations
to stop future wars through cooperation. But after the treaty was signed the US didn't
become a permanent member because of a number of factors:
At the time of the War many American immigrants had German links and were
strongly against the treaty because of how hard it was on the German people. Being against
the treaty meant that they were against the league for two reasons: one It was a term of
the treaty that they were against so strongly and Two Germany were not allowed to join the
league of nations to begin with so would not be able to stand up for them selves and did
not have the support of the other member states if someone attacked them and Germany
were unable to protect themselves.
Other Americans objected to the plans because after the Americans had over 600000
troops killed in the short time they were involved in the First world war and so feared many
more American lives would be lost if they were taken to fight in other wars that did not
affect America. They thought that as soon as two nations had a disagreement US' troops
world be shipped there to sort it out meaning loss of life and money/ recourses.
The US business sector didn't like the plans either because it would mean that the US
would spend limitless amounts of money working toward world peace potentially causing
the US economy to slow, also they thought that joining the League of Nations would mean
that they might be put under heavy trade restrictions limiting the marked for US goods. For
example if a nation either pulled out of the league or were seen by the league as doing bad
thing this could mean that the League banned its members from trading with a particular
And also the US Were anti the British and French empires having once been part of
both of them some thought that by joining the league that the US would become a police
force for the European colonies. Others feared that the league was the first step in either:
regaining control over the US, increasing the size of their empires or ruling the whole world
from Europe with either Britain or France at the helm.
Finally before the vote was held President Woodrow Wilson fell ill meaning that he
could not campaign for the League bill to become law so on the 19th of march 1920 the
senate defeated the bill 49 votes to 35.


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