Why does my Heart feel so Bad? (Basic Analysis)

A useful table full of general information on Moby's Why does my Heart feel so Bad?


(M= melody A= Accompaniment D= Dynamics T= Texture S= Structure H= Harmony                    I= Instruments R= Rhythm T= Tonality S= Speed)

Useful for anyone doing the GCSE Edexcel Music course... enjoy! :)

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Jessica Moby Madtshirts

Melody 2 vocal samples used from a 1953 gospel choir song, both in A minor:
`These open doors' & `why does my heart feel so bad?'
Simple melody that are looped.
Sample A: Male (Verse)
Sample B: Female (Chorus)
Accompaniment All the instruments comp the vocal samples…

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Jessica Moby Madtshirts

Other information:

Composed by Moby in 1999. It is a club dance piece from Moby's album Play.
Strong bass line with a strong 4 beat drum beat.


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