Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? -Moby

This is a powerpoint that I made for revision. It is of setwork 9 of the EDEXCEL board and it has some key information on the setwork to help answer exam questions. Hope you find it useful :) feel free to leave a comment

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`Why does my heart feel so bad?'
By Moby…read more

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DANCE MUSIC…read more

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Dub -
· Dub is where a vocal part is removed from a track
and then new vocals layered over the top.
· This was pioneered by Bob Marley in the 1960s.
· However The artists creating Dub were in fact
early DJs, playing their music through sound
systems in clubs.…read more

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· Scratching is the process of spinning a record by
hand creating a scratch.
· It was discovered in 1975 by DJ Grand Wizard
· This led to early versions of Rap music with a
band called `The sugarhill gang' releasing the first
Rap music track called ` Rapper's Delight' in 1979.…read more

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Chicago house-
· This is the name for the process of taking existing
tracks and remixing them together, creating
`house' music.
· Sometimes DJ's would bring a drum machine and
exaggerate the 4-to-the-floor beat.…read more

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· This music started in New York in the Paradise
Garage club.
· This style has more melodies than house and is
influenced by Soul and R `n' B.
· In the UK, the Ministry of Sound was heavily
influenced by garage music.…read more

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Samuel Richardson


This powerpoint presentation contains some really useful history and background information relevant to Moby's song 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?'. There is also some basic analysis included. 

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