Why use prologue in Romeo and Juliet?

Talks about why in Shakespearean times prologues were used especially in R+J.

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HIS PLAY of Romeo and Juliet?
A prologue is like an introduction to a play, poem etc... It gives the
plot outline and also outlines the back story. The audience are given
the information about the principal characters. The story of Romeo
and Juliet was about love and romance and hate and conflict
together. Of course in certain ways it is impossible to have love and
hatred together. Shakespeare made it possible by writing them as
prologues and sonnets, a poem made by fourteen lines of iambic
pentameter. After him this way of introducing a play became very
popular. In Shakespearean times people were not very keen on
plays, they shouted and threw rotten fruits and vegetables at the
actors and actresses. Therefore, the prologues built them up to a
good crispy story. In the case of Romeo and Juliet prologue told
exactly what was going to take place on the stage for the next two
hours. This technique of Shakespeare worked really well as the
audience watched the play with the expectations that it must fulfil the
terms set in the prologue. Also, it pulled us into the main story as it
provides atmosphere of tension hooking the reader or watcher into
the story. Therefore, Shakespeare's technique of prologue at the
beginning of a play was mostly used to make the audience get
involved in it.


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