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Why did Lloyd George fall from
power in 1922?…read more

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1 Chanak Crisis 2 Trouble in Ireland
· 1922 ­ Turks murdered 100,000 Greeks in · Mid 19 century Irish Home rule became
Smyrna. increasingly active ­ Nationalists vs. Unionists.
· British and French troops positioned · Unionists: supported Conservatives, Liberals:
supported Nationalists ­ tensions grew within
themselves in Chanak to prevent further coalition as they favoured opposing movements.
invasion from Turkey. · 1916 ­ Easter Uprising; Britain reacted harshly
· Britain was always allies with Turkey and against Irish Nationalists, Sinn Fein won 73/105
Lloyd Georges pro-Greek stance was Irish seats in Westminster.
controversial. · Refused to take seats and created their own
· Lloyd George dedicated to staying in party; Dail Eirann with De Valera as leader ­
declared Ireland an independent republic.
Chanak even if it meant war ­
Conservatives began doubting his political · Nationalists set up IRA.
ability as he had risked war when Britain · Lloyd George tried t please Conservative
Conservatives by reinstating British rule in the
was war weary; he was becoming South with help from Black and Tans (ex
increasingly reckless and careless. servicemen).
· Army negotiated peace pact with Turks, · 1920 ­ November - Bloody Sunday (14 Britons
Lloyd George lost conservative support murdered), same afternoon British troops fired
they were pro-Turk, he was pro-Greek. on unarmed Dublin crowd, December - Martial
Law (state of emergency) was declared
· No longer of use to Conservatives as he
was no longer the brilliantly intelligent · Lloyd George's reputation badly damaged.
asset from previous years. · 1922 ­ truce signed.
· Conservatives badly angered ­ had fought for
years to keep union with Ireland.
· Events occurred a year before fall from power ­
not most significant factor.…read more

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3 Treaty of Versailles 4 Economy
· January ­June 1919, Lloyd George in Paris · Promised `homes fit for heroes' ­
helping with treaty, he was moderate delivered homes that only heroes would
between harsh Clemenceau and soft agree to live in.
Wilson. · Appointed Addison as housing minister ­
· Conservatives felt treaty was too lenient 170,000 homes built for £910 each
· Lloyd George foreign policy 1919 ­ 1922 whereas few years late it cost £385.
(Keynes ideas) improve relations between · Unemployment ­ 2 million, Lloyd George
France and Germany and Soviet Union. created unemployment insurance acts to
· Lengthy peace conference in Paris & 23 help.
international conferences. · Benefit improved; still relied on poor law
· Genoa conference April 1922 ­ Russia and charity.
Germany signed own treaty behind his · Increase in strikes in industries such as
back. mining.
· Lloyd George ignored British problems · Geddes Axe cutbacks ­ decline in staple
(away for so long) no longer electoral industries.
asset. · Economy didn't effect lack of support
from Conservatives.…read more

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5 Honours Scandal & Personality
· Lloyd George began to openly sell honours
­ historically prestigious title to be
· Convinced Conservatives he was
extravagant, untrustworthy and devious.
· Not most significant factor; conservatives
knew Lloyd George was extravagant ­ had
a worker with him & also knew he was
slightly irrational.
· Did lose him some support from
Conservatives ­ small factor.
· Personal life ­ he had many affairs, took a
holiday in Scotland and made the cabinet
travel to him for a meeting.…read more


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