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Why did the two superpowers pursue détente?

USSR achieving parity in the nuclear arms race
By 1969, the USSR had matched the capability of the USSR for MAD
(Mutually Assured Destruction- ie both could destroy each other easily)
Both now had enough to strike each other back
Gave a balance…

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Détente provides background necessary to achieve this switch in
Soviet desire for technology
Soviet production falling behind the times
Exceeded US production in steel, cement, oil and pig iron
But the world had moved away from industry- moved onto computer
USSR needed this to move forward
8th Five…

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Rapprochement with China- weakened Soviet Union
Weakened attitudes allowed Nixon to pursue détente
US economic reasons
Allows the influence of the powerful military industrial complex to be
Kennedy and Johnson's social spending programmes sacrificed for
military spending. Social spending needs increasing, can only be achieved
by reduction of military.…


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