Where could our conscience come from?

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A God given conscience?
God implanted a conscience into every person
Butler, Newman, St Augustine: actual voice of God
Gift that enables us to be moral
1 Corinthians 8:10-12: we know right or wrong BUT if we do wrong we are weak
St. Jerome: if we ignore our conscience we sin
Romans 2:15: law written in our hearts
Innate within us?
Doesn't depend on our experiences/ social condition/learning
It is how our brain is wired by genetics
Should have the same innate principles?
Instilled by society?
Result of society's expectation of us
Culture affects this
Hegel: `spirit' at each age that develops cultural & moral awareness= conscience is the one
that society has formed
Freud: super ego, ego id
Fromm: conscience develops over time
Instilled by our parents?
Originate in our upbringing
Particularly in early years
Piaget: accept the morality of our parents until the age of 10
Instilled by authority figures?
Provide role models concerning right and wrong
Reasons & motivation for moral choices originate from these


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