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Catriona Ashley Miller

What drove the move towards
Protestantism during Edward VI's reign?
What were Edward's religious beliefs?
Expectation E would advance course of Protestantism was estab from very beginning of reign. At
coronation, Cranmer compared him to Josiah (biblical child-king) ­ perfect model for Prot. reformers:
came to throne…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

How did religion change during the reign of Edward VI?
Religious change neither pre-planned nor natural course of development ­ govt. struggled to
appease both radicals and traditionalists.

The phases of the Edwardian Reformation

During 1547 Catholicism came under attack.

Date Change Explanation Comment
1547 Royal Commissioners…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

The Acts of the previous Parliament had left the Church without an official doctrinal position
and the lifting of the treason/heresy laws had unleashed a surge of radical Prot activity which
Govt. struggled to control through 1548.

Date Change Explanation Comment
January ­ Series of PCo felt…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

followed when clergy Controversy raged between
ordained. Hooper and Ridley until Hooper
forced to back down.
November Removal of stone
1550 altars and replacement
by wooden ones
January New Treason Act Made it offence to
1552 question Royal
Supremacy or any
articles of faith in


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Catriona Ashley Miller

Why was the ending of prayers for the dead so important?

WK Jordan: `probably the most shattering and irreversible action of the reformation in England'. RCs
believed prayers for dead would help souls in purgatory ­ without them, salvation in peril. Therefore
sudden dismissal of crucial RC…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Where was the driving force behind the religious change in
Edward's reign?
Edward VI

As minor, E was unable to play as prominent a role in religious change of reign as if he had been adult
monarch. However, still made signif contribution through actions, words and recognition/deference…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Answer to enigma is fact that N was above all a politician; religion took second place in search for
power. N would have enjoyed no. signif political benefits from moving towards Protism:

would have increased bond of affection he had over E6 and his undoubtedly strong Protism…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Lord's Prayer and 10 Commandments; as bishop, conducted `the most searching and efficient'
visitations of diocese.

Signif for Ref was that he spearheaded push towards radical Protism and gained favour of E and N
(made bishop of Gloucester 1550). Uncompromising nature brought him into conflict with other…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Doctrinal shift away from transubstantiation had made plate, vestments and other objects associated
with Mass redundant. N ordered their expropriation 1553, but not enough time to complete
collection and to sell/melt down metals before E's death brought halt to activity. Acquisition of
bishops' wealth achieved by reallocation…


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