Somerset Debate

Table which provides evidence for all Somerset interpretations. My notes are written pretty much how i talk so they might sound quite Northern and you may want to edit them to sound more academic if that's how you prefer.

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Somerset Debate
Somerset drove the Somerset Somerset pulled the
country towards accelerated the drift country back from
chaos with towards chaos the brink of chaos
highhanded and caused by the polices with statesmanlike
illconsidered of Henry VII and the and wellconsidered
policies minority of Edward polices
His style of Was autocratic and Was unable to The council allowed
government isolationist, didn't involve Edward as he him to take charge
involve the rest of was too young so had from the start, no
the government to do things one had a problem
resulting in Warwick independently. Didn't with it.
being able to turn want factional
them against him rivalries to cause
pretty easily. problems.
Foreign policy Went to war with Continued the war The loss of Boulogne
Scotland with very with France and actually benefited
little reasoning. Scotland which had the economy. He
Ruined the potential been started in protected the
alliance through Henry's reign. Did not country and showed
marriage with want England to be England was not
Edward and Mary. seen as weak. vulnerable.
Religion Created chaos by Was left with a mixed He had successfully
removing the religion country. He turned England to
Treason Act, the Act had to turn it one Protestantism
of 6 Articles, and way or the other and doctrinally by 1549.
preventing anyone either way people
from preaching. His were gonna get
changes sparked the pissed off.
1549 rebellions.
Social and economic Spent money he Henry had left the Spent money on
reform didn't have on economy in a pretty defences to protect
defences and bad state and the country from
invading Scotland. Somerset had to deal potential attack.
Caused inflation by with it somehow so Tried to help the
debasing the coinage he debased the commons by
a few times. Took coinage which removing enclosures.
away the commons worked in the short
land which lead to term.


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