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80% of cell contents are water
Water is vital to living organisms
1) Water is a reactant in many important chemical reactions like photosynthesis and hydrolysis
2) Water is a solvent which mean that substance dissolve in, most biological reaction take place in
solutions so water is pretty essential.
3) Water transports substances being liquid and a solvent means it can easily transport all sorts of
material, like glucose and oxygen around plants and animals.
4) Water helps with temperature control .It carries away heat energy when it evaporates from the
surface and helps to lower the temperature.
Properties and functions
Hydrogen bonds give water a high specific heat capacity
Hydrogen bonds can absorb a lot of energy
This is useful for living organisms because it stops rapid temperature change, allowing them
to keep their temperature fairly stable
Hydrogen bonds give water a high latent heat of evaporation
It takes a lot of heat energy to break the hydrogen between water molecules so water has a
high latent evaporation a lot of energy is used up when water evaporates useful for living
because it means water evaporates useful for living because it means water is great for
cooling things.
Waters polarity makes it very cohesive
Is the attraction between molecules of the same type ,water molecules are very cohesive
because they are polar ,this helps water to flow ,makes it great for transporting substances.

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