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  • Osmosis
    • Water Potential
      • Pure water= 0kPa
      • Water potential is measured in kiloPascals (kPa)
      • The more solute there is in the water then the more negative the solution shall be.
        • The more water and less solute is less negative e.g. -100 (Hypotonic)
        • The less water and more solute the more negative the solution will be (Hypertonic)
      • A cell's cytoplasm contains water,  dissolved sugar and salts etc. This means that the cytoplasm is more negative.
    • This is the passage of water from a high water potential to a lower water potential through a partially permeable membrane
    • E.g. a red blood cell has all different solutes which are dissolved in their cytoplasm. So if it was placed in somewhere with pure water then this will absorb it as it has a lower water potential


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