War Coalition WW2

Of Conservatives and labour e.g emergency powers and the land lease from USA

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1939 Emergency Powers Act New ministries- shipping, food, aircraft production,
censorship, information (propaganda)
May GB alone till Pearl Harbour
1941 Means Test abolished
1941 Gold and dollar reserve spent out
1941 Us Lend-Lease scheme War materials and supplied given as aid. In total
$27000 million given
Bevin Labour became minister of Labour (workers) went
around making speeches, made industrial
conscription increase workforce to 2 million and
armed forces 4.5 million. Improved factories
conditions and pay.
1941 Workers Playtime Lunchtime entertainment in factories on BBC radios
1941 TUC Sent deputation> problems of national health
system, asked for reform. Most of proposals never
happened- instead gave Britain morale.
1942 Beveridge Report Need to slay 5 giants- sickness, bad housing,
unemployment, lack of education, want.
Social Insurance Ministry of National Insurance set up
1943 Ministry for Town and County Planning
1944 Local authorities Given power to deal with Blitzed or Slum areas
needing redevelopment.
1944 Education Act Leaving school age rose to 16, and free compulsory
secondary school.
1944 `A National health and service" Hospital care should be free at point of delivery,
published equal access to med services, should cover all forms
of treatment.
1945 Family allowance pact Passed 25p for 2nd child & subsequent children-
universal weekly benefit
Canada Gift $1000million&interest free loans
Income tax Increase 10shillings in the £, nearly all workers paid.
Emergency Hospital Scheme Gov greater control over hospitals, free treatment
for bomb victims.


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