War (WW2) and It's Impact in Germany

This is about mainly Denazification and Germany at the end of the  war

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War and its impact on Life in
Nuremburg Trials and Denazification
By Ore…read more

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What happened when the Allies
reached Germany?…read more

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Hitler Dead
· When did Hitler die? Hitler died on the 30th of
April 1945.
· Where did he die and how? Hitler died in his
Führerbunker in Berlin and committed suicide by
gunshot .
· What happened to Hitler's body? Hitler's body
was wrapped in a blanket and carried to the
Reich Chancellery garden. His body was laid
near to the bunker's exit. The body was
drenched in petrol and set alight…read more

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Last photograph of Hitler
· This last know
picture of Hitler
was taken
two days prior to
his death as he
stands outside
his Berlin bunker
entrance.…read more

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Germany: Occupied Areas
· What happened after the
· Nazi Germany surrendered on May 7th
1945 On May 6th General Alfred Jodl
arrived at General Dwight Eisenhower's
temporary headquarters in Reims, France
­ to sign the surrender document. As
Hitler was dead, Admiral Doenitz had
assigned Jodl, Chief of Staff of the
Wehrmacht, to represent him at the
signing ceremony.
· At 02.30, ten Allied officers entered the
room. The Germans were summoned a
short time after to sign the Act of Military
Surrender.…read more

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What was Denazification?
· Denazification: Process instituted by the
Allies after World War II to remove all
traces of Nazism from Germany.
· In October 1946 the Allies began
classifying former Nazis into five
categories, intending to punish those in
the first four: Major Offenders; Offenders;
Lesser Offenders; Followers; and Persons
Exonerated…read more

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