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James Fortson



Magma contains dissolved gases that are
released into the atmosphere during eruptions.
Gases are also released from magma that
either remains below ground (e.g. As an
intrusion), or is rising towards the surface.

The volcanic gases that pose the greatest
potential hazard to people, animals,…

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James Fortson

Landslides are large masses of rock and soil that fall, slide, or flow very rapidly under the
force of gravity. These mixtures of debris move in a wet or dry state, or both. Volcano
landslides range in size from less than 1 km3 to more than 100 km3.…

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James Fortson

km per hour, Pyroclastic flows knock down, shatter, bury or carry away nearly all objects
and structures in their way.
Pyroclastic flows vary considerably in size and speed, but even relatively small flows
that move <5 km from a volcano can destroy buildings, forests, and farmland. And on…


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