Violence By Performers

Revision notes on violence by performers for AS Physical Education, Contemporary.

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Violence by Performers
Definition of Aggression
"Any form of behaviour directed towards the goal of injuring or harming another living
being who is motivated to avoid such treatment."
3 Types of Aggression
Hostile Aggression ­ When you intend to harm someone purely for the satisfaction
of harming them.
Instrumental Aggression ­ When you intend to harm someone for a sporting
purpose such as stopping someone from scoring a goal.
Assertive Behaviour ­ The use of legitimate force with no intent to harm.
Why shouldn't performers be aggressive?
(Same 4 reasons as why performers shouldn't take drugs)
Role Modelling
Why do performers become aggressive?
To scare opponents ­ Instrumental
Frustrated with themselves ­ Hostile
Frustrated with opponents or referee ­ Hostile
Retaliation ­ Hostile
Important Matches ­ Hostile or Assertive

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