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Viet Cong Tactics…read more

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The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) were well supplied
with weapons from Communist China and USSR.
However they were outgunned/outnumbered by South
Vietnamese forces and their US allies.
The NVA…read more

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Guerrilla warfare Principles:
- retreat when enemy attacks
- raid when enemy camps
- attack when enemy tires
- pursue when enemy retreats
· Guerrillas didn't wear uniform, this mean they often blended in
with the peasant community
· They had no known base camp/headquarters
· They attacked and then disappeared into the
· They used cheap but effective methods such as booby traps
Guerrilla Warfare…read more

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The aim of Guerrilla warfare was to wear down the
enemy soldiers and to ruin morale
· Soldiers lived in constant fear of ambushes/attacks
· Viet Cong tried to fight close quarter so that US air
power/artillery couldn't be used because of danger to
their own troops. Sometimes known as "hanging onto
American Belts"
Tactics…read more

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Bouncing Betty Land mine ­ thrown into the air when
triggered, then explode causing terrible injury to the
Weapons…read more

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