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US Tactics
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7th February 1965 ­ USA launched Operation
Rolling Thunder, an extensive bombing raids on
industrial targets in North Vietnam. They also
bombed along the Ho Chi Minh trail to try and
prevent supplies from reaching the Viet cong.
More bombs were dropped on North Vietnam than
on Germany and Japan in WW2.
Bombing damaged North Vietnams war effort,
disrupted supply routes and forced the North
Vietnamese to the negotiating table.
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Couldn't defeat all communist ­ could only slow
them down.
Huge price/cost (Life magazine calculated that it
cost $400,000 to kill one Viet Cong fighter)
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The USA developed a powerful chemical weapon
called Agent Orange. It was highly toxic and used to
destroy the jungle where the Viet Cong hid.
Napalm was another powerful chemical weapon
used to destroy the jungle where the Viet Cong hid.
It also burned through skin and clothes ­ many
civilians and soldiers were killed by these chemical
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The US commander General Westmoreland
developed a policy of search and destroy.
From heavily defneded bases near the coast soldiers
launched search and destroy raids from helicopters.
They would decend on a village and destroy any
Viet Cong they found
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Raids often based on inadequate info
Inexperienced US troops often walked into traps.
Innocent villages mistaken for Viet Cong
Civilians casualties were extremely high
Made US and South Vietnamese forces unpopular
with peasants and pushed them towards Viet Cong.
Problems with Search &
destroy…read more


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