Viet Cong Tactics

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  • Vietnam War Tactics- Vietnam
    • Guerrilla Warfare
      • The Viet Cong dressed as villagers that attacked the USA
      • This confused the USA as they did not know who to target
      • The USA resulted in killing everyone, even innocent people
    • Ho Chi Minh Trail
      • This enabled them to supply the Viet Cong with weapons  and amunition
      • The USA could not bomb the whole trail as it run into other countries. This enabled the Viet Cong to have constant supplies
      • America bomb the trail, many lives were lost
    • Booby Traps
      • These made war extremely stressful for the USA soldiers as they constantly had to look where they were standing
      • They sometimes  fell down their own traps
      • The traps can only be used once
    • Cu Chi Tunnels
      • These were tunnels under the jungle used by the Viet Cong
      • They helped the Viet Cong avoid USA bombings and helped them travel around easier
      • The tunnels flooded easily, carried disease, and eventually the USA discovered them


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