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utilitarianism glossary- for those who are studying AS/A2 ethics

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Glossary- Utilitarianism
Teleological: moral actions are right or wrong according to their outcome or telos (end).
Consequentialist: someone who decides whether an action is good or bad by its consequences.
Principle of utility: the theory of usefulness ­ the greatest happiness for the greatest number.
Hedonism: the view that pleasure is the chief `good'.
Hedonic calculus: Bentham's method for measuring the good and bad effects of an action.
Quantitative: looking at the quantity of happiness.
Act utilitarianism: a teleological theory that uses the outcome of an action to determine whether it
s good or bad.
Qualitative: looking at the quality of the pleasure.
Universalisability: what is right or wrong for one person in a situation is right or wrong at all.
Rule utilitarianism: establishing a general rule that follows utilitarian principles.
Preference utilitarianism: moral actions are right or wrong according to how they fit in the
preferences of those involved.


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