Sociology Glossary


Self Fulfilling Prophecy

The process where people act in response to predictions and labels. They take on as well as become the label or prediction.

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Where you gain the reward you deserve

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Hidden Curriculum

Things taught in schools that are not part of the national curriculum 

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Social Solidarity

When people in a society have shared values, morals, beliefs and a common culture

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Cultural Deprivation

The idea that some young people fail in education due to deficiencies in their home and families cultural background

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Cultural Capital

Is knowledge, language, manners, behaviour tastes and values which gives middle and upper-class students an advantage of success

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Social Capital

The social networks of influence and support people have

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A small group holding great power in society

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Where you only see the world through your and culture, devaluing others

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Actions that break the law and is punished by the legal system

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Actions that goes against the norms values and expectations of a social group or society

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Collective Sentiments

Shared values and norms and beliefs

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The loss of shared and guiding principles and norms

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Merton's Strain Theory

A theory where it is thought people become deviant because they cannot achieve certain society goals and acheivements

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Non Utilitarian

Crime that is influence by money

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What the individual wants compared to what they have or can get

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Inetiable (can't prevent)

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